Wild Coffee on the trail

cw_ku2xwgaeha8jPsychotria nervosa, a Florida native shrub, blooms usually in spring and summer and fruits in winter. The wild coffee bush has red berries from about December to March. In addition to it’s beauty, the plant attracts wildlife including cardinals, mockingbirds, catbirds and spicebush swallowtail butterflies.

Morning Light

The cabbage palm and pines holding the morning light. ctihvekweaati19

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25 milliseconds

After the rains let up yesterday, this wood stork was out fishing the shallow waters at Red Bug Slough. DSC_0195

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A good place

To rest your coffee in a good place is a good start to the morning.  IMG_0164

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Warbler as hawk

This morning, another yellow-rumped warbler greeted me with her sweet warble and constant bursts of yellow-tinged movement.DSC_0185

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Words, I realize, do not do enough, but I wrote this essay over a period of time, my dedication to our loyal hound and companion Sandy, who we said goodbye to in May at fourteen-and-a-half. It was published today at Whole Terrain, a journal dedicated to reflective environmental writing. Here is my dedication to a loyal friend and trail companion. sandy-on-trail

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Amid tree swallows

Pedaling steadily along a sandy trail, I notice a blue-green flicker. Then another. I’m amid a flurry of streamlined, swift streaks of beryl iridescent and pure white.

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Black-throated green warbler at Red Bug Slough

This morning I followed the warblers, the black and white, the yellow-throated, and, a first first for me, the black-throated green!black throated green warbler2

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Fishing spot

About ten minutes after I left the GoPro, this tricolored heron landed in its usual fishing spot. The heron had a good New Year’s Day morning fishing.

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Video bomb

Camera traps set up by researchers and wildlife officials capture wild animals–from the forests of Oregon to the high-altitude dessert of India’s Spiti Valley to Florida’s wetlands. Such as this remote camera that captured this shot of OR-7 in eastern Jackson County, Oregon, on USFS land; or this bear just resting. I set up my own improvised “camera traps” with the GoPro this morning for fun, and this speedy drifter video-bombed the recording. (Or maybe it was just good placement of the camera trap by a nice milkweed strand!)

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