A hike at Victoria Bluff Preserve

This preserve has five-plus miles of lowcountry hiking trails through longleaf and tall slash pines.

One of the fire-break trails at Victoria Bluff Heritage Preserve/Wildlife Management Area.

In addition to the pines and palmetto undergrowth, there are a good number of live oaks. This Blue-headed Vireo was fluttering and singing from the canopy.

The 977-acre Victoria Bluff Heritage Preserve/Wildlife Management Area, in Beaufort County, South Carolina, is the result of a long-lasting battle between environmentalists and developers that started in the 1970s and eventually ended in a compromise. According to a November 10, 1991 article in the Spartansburg Herald-Journal, those who fought to preserve the land considered its preservation an example of how land can be preserved throughout the state. Industrial developments previously proposed at Victoria Bluff included a BASF chemical plant and iron works factory. Environmentalists and others feared such projects would harm the Colleton River, which is among the most pristine rivers in South Carolina and borders the preserve to the north.

After a third of a mile in from the trailhead, you can turn right onto the fire break that serves as a hiking trail. This south trail (See GPS map here; Colleton River is to the north) leads into the interior of the preserve, past a hunting check-in stand used by archery hunters.

The hiking trails.




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