Back on the trail

I was sick for ten days, and the whole time all I could think about was getting better so I could lace up the hiking boots or clip into the bike pedal. Today was the first day I felt somewhat normal; I think I was about seventy-five percent recovered, which is good enough for a little hike around the nearby nature preserve.

Sandy the hound took off down the trail, dirt kicked up behind her. The expression (People around dogs a lot know the full range of a dog’s expressions!) on her face read something like: “It’s about time we did something fun again. Wheeewwwww.”

I hiked along in no hurry at Leon M. Weekes Environmental Preserve, just taking in the air and the setting sun. Then I picked it up a bit because I was feeling good. My lungs working normal and not coughing up a storm, I was finding that hiking stride. Felt as good as I had in ten days, which is a long time to be stuck indoors. A tiny warbler flickered her wings crossing my path. It was a Pine Warbler I’m pretty sure. The warbler alighted on a stump, the bird so tiny and green I could barely see her. (Adult female Pine Warblers are more green than the greenish-yellow males)

The warbler and then two cardinals I spotted where there to greet me. A quick welcome back greeting to the man who was getting cabin fever, and then they were off. You know how you can tell when you’re smiling, just a little grin like you’ve got a secret. That was me. Easily entertained, or enlightened, whichever you call it. Man, this was one great recovery hike. Now a healthy dinner, some tea later, and early to bed tonight so maybe I can get back on the bike soon and hit the trails. I’ve got to. I have a little more freedom before I start grad school classes and teaching during what I’m sure is going to be a very busy fall.

And Sandy is ready for those trails.

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