Texture of the pines and sabal palmetto

On a slightly-cooler morning last week, Elaenia pondered pine cones, how each has its own texture. And I thought about the pine trees and sabal palmetto in the morning light and reflected on the Highwaymen painters. C9dqkjvWsAAhhrr

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A good place

To rest your coffee in a good place is a good start to the morning.  IMG_0164

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Dusk over Myakka River

Looking out to the sun descending over the Myakka River, it was a copper-orange end to the day. myakka sunset

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The search, and a consolation shot.

I went out searching for a pair of crested caracaras that have been hanging out, but they did not want to be found. I was able to grab this consolation shot of the early evening colors on the eastern edge of Myakka River State Park. DSC_0065

Myakka hike–a good morning…

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A hike at Yamato Scrub

The overcast sky rises above this oak and pine bordering the perimeter firebreak at Yamato Scrub Natural Area. The moss is nearly the same color as the sky.

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A few photos from Leon Weekes Preserve

Sunset cloud clover above the snag pines. 

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Rainy-day dusk at Loxahatchee

I pedaled an unexplored trail that led back into the swamp.  It was dusk. One of those overcast days when the light just seems to dissipate from the air.

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Hike at dusk, Loxahatchee NWR

Looking west at dusk, across a small pond at Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge.

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Tupelo Trail at Savannah NWR

The trail bridge along Tupelo Trail at Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.

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