Morning ride along abandoned rocket plant

We went for a morning ride along the Southern Glades Trail on South Florida Water Management land. For 13 miles, this trail follows the C-111 canal through a quiet wildlife area down to Manatee Bay. DCIM103GOPRO

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Gopher tortoise on the move

Hidden cams can capture wildlife both fast and slow. If left in the right spot, the GoPro, in addition to being a good helmet cam, can also capture animals on the move.

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Loggerhead shrike looking over celery fields

This loggerhead shrike had a lookout perch at the Celery Fields. I recorded this short video at the 300-acre preserve before the shrike flew off in its flash of grey, black, and white. Read more »

The meandering trail and the fast singletrack

Two videos from the trail–taken on my early Christmas gift… the GoPro outdoor edition camera. Pretty sweet. This first one is a meandering little ride through the marsh at dusk at Red Bug Slough. Notice in the corner the shadow caught in the dusk light.

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Upsy-downs at West Delray Park’s MTB trail

This singletrack is fast and fun, and it has some decent changes in elevation for South Florida. Check out the upsy-downs at the beginning of the clip, and the switchbacks through the trees (starting at 50 seconds into the video).

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Ocean Kayaking from Delray Beach (Video)

Launching the kayak from the northern end of Delray Public Beach: Take Two.

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Male Kestrel fanning feathers before flight (Video)

This male Kestrel was perched high in a snag pine. I was able to zoom in for this video (taken on the point-and-shoot camera) of him fanning his colorful feathers before flying off.

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Hitting the MTB Trails at Oleta (Video)

Getting air on Oleta State Park’s Volunteer Trail:

Greg defies gravity on Volunteer Trail

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