How far to go?

An old friend and fellow writer said he has been following my posts recently, which was great to hear. “You’ve been getting out there with your camera — out to many perilous locations full of gators.”

I shrugged, and didn’t really ponder the comment. Besides sunburn, poison ivy, and a few bug bites, most of my hikes are peril free. I prepare as best as I can and try not to stupidly put myself in bad situations, if I can avoid it. However, I did endure a good number of stinging fire-ant bites yesterday as I snapped just one more photo of this roseate skimmer perched above the high waters at Red Bug Slough (and I was glad I did because that photo came out the best!) roseate skimmer

What risks have you faced on recent treks? Have you found yourself getting a little more wet in the swamp to get a photo of that barred owl or hiking further before dusk?

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