Myakka Prairie hike

About two miles into Myakka Prairie, before 9 a.m., it was already getting warm. But the birds were still active — with a red-shouldered hawk on the move above the prairie, and a sandhill crane and yellow-crowned night heron wading one of the small marshes.

And this pair of swallow-tailed kites soaring and gliding above the edge of the pine flatwoods, with one of the adult kites bringing in some fresh nest material: nest building

Landing down with the nest material!
Landing down.

The kites stuck around this pine, with one of the adults soon diving down to the marsh to catch and bring back a good-size frog.

Seedbox (ludwigia alternifolia) growing beside the trail:

wildflower There were plenty of wildflowers growing through the preserve’s dry prairie habitat, which was a little soggy, and had some flooded trail sections, from the tropical storm.

NOTE: If you’re going to hike Myakka Prairie Tract, you will need to stop by the ranger station at Myakka River State Park to pay a park fee and pick up a backcountry permit…you will need to check in at the station when you return from the trail.
There are several miles of hiking trails, and the tract is bordered to the north and west by MRSP, and to the south by Sarasota County’s Carlton Reserve.

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