Sandy back on the trail

Sandy was pretty excited to get four paws back on the trail.

Ever since she fractured her foot, I’ve been keeping her off the trails because her paw was slow to heal, and she was prone to re-injury after taking off full speed in pursuit of squirrel, or just in the excitement of the hike.

It was a good short hike, not the all-morning eight-mile mountain bike rides we have set out on. I recalled how during one of those rides, a fellow biker had stopped and watched Sand-dog following along as I pedaled the singletrack at Alafia State Park, a twisting, rough trail over tight switchbacks and fast hills and across two narrow creek bridges. He watched for a few minutes, impressed by my canine companion’s four-legged athleticism and lack-of-fear-or-deceleration leaps across the creek in full stride. Sandy graceful ran along the narrow trail, leaping and jumping.

“How did you teach your dog to do that?” the fellow mountain biker asked when we circled around the loop.

“Do what?”

She was just having fun, as she had since she was a pup and she would run in circles when I got the bike out, because she knew it was time for an adventure.

So it was good to take a trailhead again, with Sandy running ahead.

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