Warbler as hawk

This morning, another yellow-rumped warbler greeted me with her sweet warble and constant bursts of yellow-tinged movement.DSC_0185

Besides the fruit of wax myrtle, this seasonal migrant here in Florida forages for insects and can also catch it’s meal on the fly. This female was snatching them as a hawk would. Here she had caught an insect breakfast.

The yellow-rumped warbler is also known as the myrtle warbler. With some sunnier weather, they are active and making their presence known here, and can remain from October to April.

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  1. Rebecca Lawton on February 14th, 2016

    Love it, Roger! The “butter butts,” as they’re called here, were all around the sewage treatment ponds last Sunday. Spring!

  2. Roger Real Drouin on February 16th, 2016

    Thanks, Rebecca. Butter butts… I love it!… They are a beautiful indication of spring.

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